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Kristina Vasileska

Grant Scheme Expert


Kristina Vasileska holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from the Faculty of Economics - Prilep. In the past six years she has been actively engaged in the NGO sector, working on different projects and positions. Starting in 2010, Ms. Vasileska was a facilitator, administrative assistant and financial officer at Forum Civil Peace Service (Forum ZFD), for their local branch in Struga, as well as for the UNICEF three-year long project “Enhancing inter-ethnic Community dialogue and collaboration“. In 2013, she took on the role of financial-administrative officer and logistics at the Local Development Agency in Struga, and project assistant at CSO Creative & Active (in 2016), where she honed her competences in areas such as project and grants management, with accent on EU-funded projects. Currently, Ms. Vasileska will be involved in the design and monitoring of the Grant Scheme of KMOP’s “Building a stronger civil society to boost efforts on educational inclusion of Roma” EU funded project in the country.

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